APC Home UPS, 850VA, Sine wave output

Part Number: BI850SINE

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Designed specifically for India’s harsh power conditions, the BI850SINE’s state-of-the-art circuitry delivers backup power instantly, and it also recharges your battery faster, so you get the longest possible battery life. 12V system, requires One 12V Battery. It comes with a 3 Yrs. Warranty. for optimal performance and higher average life of 5 to 7 years, VIA and Tall Tubular Battery 130AH, 150AH, 180AH is provided for full system.


Pure Sine Wave Output – Eliminates humming and heat generated when powering on tube-lights and fans.

LED Indications & Audio Alarms – Provides easy-to-read status of your power conditions, Home UPS and battery.

Home/Away Switch – Keeps your battery charged when you are away, and prevents needless discharges.

Intelligent Battery Charging – Microprocessor controlled, 3 stage regulated charging ensures fastest recharging without decreasing battery life.

Wide Input Voltage Window – Saves your battery power when you really need it, during power cuts!

UPS/Inverter Switch – Lets you to power your computer systems as well as lights, fans and televisions.

Charger Selector – User selectable battery charger helps prevent under and over charging, extends battery life.

Advanced Safety Features – Safeguards your Home-UPS and battery.

Push-Button Circuit Breaker – Provides easy recovery from a overload condition while on mains mode.

Generator Compatibility – Allows you to recharge your battery while you are on generator mode.


Wave form : Pure Sine Wave
Power rating : 850VA / 500 Watts
Output Voltage on Mains – Inverter Mode : 100-290 Vac
Output Voltage on Mains – UPS Mode : 190-260 Vac
Output Voltage on Battery Mode : 195-230 Vac
LED Status Indicators : Inverter load % (50%, 75%, 100%), faults, on Mains, on battery, battery charging, check battery
Audio Alarms : on Mains & on battery switchover, overload, low battery alarms
Controls : Home/Away switch, start/test/mute, UPS/Inverter mode switch, charger output selector
Battery Charger Type : Microprocessor controlled, 3-stage, regulated charging
Battery Charger Output : User selectable – 8 Amps, 10 Amps, 12 amps, 15 Amps
Typical recharge time : 10-12 Hrs.
Overload Protection on Mains : Thermal circuit breaker with reset button
Overload Protection on Battery : Shutdown after three automatic reset attempts
Reverse Battery Polarity Protection : Fuses on rear panel
Other protections : Short circuit, low battery voltage shutdown, line-neutral reverse, over temp
Backup time (Hrs) – 500 watts : Full load – 100% = 2 hrs 30 min.
Half Load – 50% = 5hrs.
Just Load – 25% = 10 hrs


Physical (UPS-INVERTER): H – 140mm; W – 350mm; D – 265mm; Weight: 10.15Kg

Physical (with Battery & Trolley): H – 340mm; W – 650mm; D – 465mm; Weight: 60Kg. avg.

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